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Nose to Tail – An Award Winning Business
Nose to Tail – Just Five Years From Concept to Business Success
Nose to Tail – Three Businesses in One
Nose to Tail – All Set Up and Ready to Go

An Award winning Franchise Business
Nose to Tail was recognized in the Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards with the Excellence in Marketing Award.
Now founder Kath Fitzpatrick is looking to share her success with others, few if any franchise opportunities can present the following statement. The awards judges: -

“To win a marketing category you need to demonstrate that you have built your business on sound marketing principals based on good market research, a clear understanding of the market and smart ways to meet their needs and measure your results. Nose to Tail showed that no matter what the business, using good marketing techniques is a valuable business tool.”

Potential Franchisees Needn’t Be Dog Lovers – But it Helps

To be considered a potential franchisee you needn’t be a dog lover but it will certainly help. What you do need to be is a good manager, able to relate well to people and animals, can motivate staff and genuinely support the ideal of customer service as key to business success.

Nose to Tail Three-In-One, Seven day Business

Nose to Tail is essentially a three-in-one, seven-day business requiring dedication and commitment to achieving personal goals and financial success.

The $120,000 franchise cost includes:-

Seven dog wash cubicles and wash stations, shower heads and single lever mixers, dog washing equipment, brushes and other equipment, construction detail for building cubicles and wash stations.

1.5 m deep heated Hydrotherapy Pool with gantry, harnesses

Nose to Tail Dog Shop start up stock

Walls decal and 3-D dog characters

Business manuals and systems

A potential franchise must factor in building rental (or purchase) and fit out which includes extensive plumbing and drainage.

Just five years from concept to business success (back to top)

As mother to a large, odour-challenged Black Labrador Kath Fitzpatrick was literally dog-tired with the hassle of giving her pooch his very necessary weekly bath. “It was either a waterlogged bathroom or chase him round the garden with a hose. Every time I washed him I just knew there had to be a better way. Sure, I could have called in a mobile dog wash, but on a weekly basis it was an expensive option and besides, dogs have a way of finding something nasty to roll in the moment the dog washer drives off.

“In my mind’s eye I imagined how wonderful it would be if there was something out there along the lines of a ‘canine car wash’. A place I could take the dog to at basically any time on any day.”

Kath’s business management background and entrepreneurial flare came to the fore and in 2002 Auckland, and New Zealand’s, first ‘canine dog wash’ and hydrotherapy pool opened its doors for business. Nose to Tail was born, launched with a smart marketing strategy based on spreading the message of convenience, no appointments, affordable cost and importantly, a fun experience for both owner and canine.

At another level Kath set about building awareness among Auckland veterinary clinics of Nose to Tail’s hydrotherapy pool facility.

“Dogs are no different from humans in the very positive way they respond to hydrotherapy for treating muscular and joint disorders and for aiding mobility rehabilitation following injury, operations or illnesses. More recently hydrotherapy is being used to provide nil-impact exercise for obese dogs, “ explains Kath. “Hydrotherapy has gone from a bit of a gamble to enhance the appeal of Nose to Tail to an important income stream. Just about every day dog owners come to us with referrals from their vets.”

New Zealand’s number one self-service dog wash is also a very busy seven-day retail outlet with everything the caring or indulgent dog owner could wish for. At one end of the spectrum there’s Nose to Tail brand eco-friendly shampoos along with Nose to Tail rabbit and possum rolls and behaviour and training aids. At the end doggy fashion garments including life jackets and four-legged ‘All Black’ shirts, doggy ‘bling’ and canine toys and accessories galore.

Three businesses in one… with potential to add more of your own(back to top)

Under the one roof in a colourful and friendly spa-like atmosphere, dog owners in your franchise territory have the choice of a no-appointments-necessary self-service dog wash, hydrotherapy rehabilitation centre and a dog shop overflowing with everything from specialist foods and Nose to Tail brand products to Hollywood style bling.

1. Nose to Tail Self-service Dog Wash

Nose to Tail founder Kath Fitzpatrick designed the waist high dog wash stations to be canine and person friendly. Looking rather like a wide, shallow bath, entry is up ramp so there’s no lifting to stress dog and owner. Nor is there a need to kneel or bend over, as there are two heights… one for large dogs and the other for medium to small dogs.

Each wash station is equipped with hand-held showerhead and single lever water temperature and pressure control. A short leash prevents first timers who may be a tad reluctant from bolting. In each wash station cubicle a range of combs and brushes are on hand to remove loose hair. To further encourage dog washing to be a real family affair special boxes are available for young ones to stand on.

Prior to washing their dog, owners are provided with a wash pack containing Nose to Tail brand eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic shampoo.

Wash stations are made of robust hand laid fiberglass.

The minimum number of wash stations has been set at seven, with each having its own cubicle. Water resisting wall panels lining cubicles are supplied as part of the franchise purchase price. Cubicles must be built to Nose to Tail specifications.

Employee numbers should be such that a franchisee can offer assistance to first time users or provide a drop off and wash service to selected customers.

2. Nose to Tail Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Centre

Nose to Tail founder, Kath Fitzpatrick… “Dogs are no different from humans in the very positive way they respond to hydrotherapy for treating muscular and joint disorders and for aiding mobility rehabilitation following injury, operations or illnesses. More recently hydrotherapy is being used to provide nil-impact exercise for obese dogs, “ explains Kath. “Hydrotherapy has gone from a bit of a gamble to enhance the appeal of Nose to Tail to an important income stream. Just about every day dog owners come to us with referrals from their vets.”

The Nose to Tail Hydrotherapy Centre is based on a 1.5 metre deep pool heated to a comfortable temperature with controllable water jets creating a current for the dog to swim against. The dog is secured in a harness and lowered by gantry into the water.

The franchise package includes the hydrotherapy pool, filtration equipment, pool cover, gantry, a range of harnesses for all sizes of dog and specialised training of a designated Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation manger.

3. Nose to Tail Dog Shop

It is recommended the shop is run as a seven-day business. An important retail outlet for Nose to Tail branded shampoos, fragrances and foods, the shop offers one-stop shopping for everything imaginable that can be eaten by dogs, worn by dogs, played with by dogs and slept on by dogs. For owners of dog owners there are training aids and lots more.

Nose to Tail founder Kath Fitzpatrick has done the hard yards seeking out suppliers in New Zealand and overseas. As a franchisee you get to tap into these, and as the Nose to Tail franchise network expands you will increasingly benefit from greater group buying power.

4. Nose to Tail offer potential to add more businesses

The Nose to Tail franchise agreement allows for franchisees to introduce franchisor-approved dog-related businesses to their operation. Those most likely to be granted approval include puppy and dog training and dog grooming.

All set up and ready to run (back to top)

The entrepreneurial flair and business that has taken Nose to Tail from concept launched in 2002 to a profitable and award-winning business is reflected in founder Kath Fitzpatrick’s approach to establishing the brand as a franchise operation.

Nose to Tail Territories

Auckland has been divided into four potential territories where Nose to Tail could thrive as a business.

1. North Shore: Where it all started, this territory is available to be bid on as a going concern.

2. Central: St Lukes area is the suggested location for catering to such suburbs as Herne Bay, Mt Eden, Westmere, Mt Albert, Epsom, etc.

3. Eastern: Mt Wellington is the suggest location for catering to Newmarket, Remuera, Orakei, the Eastern Suburbs, Greenlane, etc.

4. Southern: Botany Downs is the suggested location for catering to such areas as Pakuranga, Half Moon Bay, Bucklands, Howick, Eastern Beach, Manukau, Whitford, Cleveland, etc.

For territory breakdowns in other major urban centres please contact the Nose to Tail Franchisor, Kath Fitzpatrick.

The Franchise Coach

The Nose to Tail franchise programme has been developed in consultation with The Franchise Coach, one of New Zealand’s top franchise consultants.

For a potential franchisee this guarantees a fully professional and extensive resource library of Nose to Tail business and operational manuals, training programmes, marketing and sales plans, worksheets and implementation of proven business administration and management systems. All material exceeds standards recommended by the Franchise Association of New Zealand. Nose to Tail is a member of this association.

Nose to Tail franchisees receive:

Comprehensive library of administration and operational manuals with CD back-up
Full training programme (includes staff training)
Marketing and Sales support
Corporate Branding Design Manual
Nose to Tail pack (wash cubicles, wash stations, washing & drying equipment, hydrotherapy bath, uniforms, customer aprons, one dimensional doggy graphics, 3-D doggy characters, starter pack of retail products)
Assistance with finding a suitable locality and interior fit out
On-call back up and support from the Franchisor

$120,000 Nose to Tail Franchise Package

Nose to Tail founder, Kath Fitzpatrick… “We are confident we have a proven business model that can be replicated profitably in main urban centers of New Zealand. We also believe franchisees will get a fast return on their $120,000 investment.

Over the past five years we have tested and developed new ideas to grow the market and further cement our reputation as the one-stop centre for dogs and their owners,” says Kath. “We’re also seeing that far more people are into multiple dog-ownership. So while people want to keep their dogs smelling ‘loveable’ pressures of life mean they don’t want to spend time ages mopping up drowned bathrooms. It’s much easier to say “let’s go to Nose to Tail".

While we’d like potential franchisees to be dog lovers it’s not prerequisite. What is though, is the need to be a good manager, be able to relate well to people and animals, motivate staff, and really support the ideal that customer service is the key to success.

Nose to Tail attracts a lot of attention once the word gets out so the franchisee needs to ensure staff provide a first class experience every time. Nose to Tail is a place where staff, customers and dogs come for a fun time.

It’s really rewarding to see all your customers feeling good when they leave – whether it’s wagging tails or smiles on faces.

Nose to Tail Franchisee…

Where to from here?

Obviously there's a lot more to tell you about a Nose to Tail franchise.

First, about franchise businesses

Sooner or later wage and salary earners get to a point where they have had enough of working for others. Some also find themselves faced with redundancy. Franchise businesses in New Zealand have become the well travelled path to financial success and personal acievement.

  • Franchises have a greater success rate then 'go-it-alone' or start-up businesses

  • Franchise finance is easier to gain than finance for an unknown small business lacking any sort of track record

  • Franchises offer an established brand name and market presence

  • Franchises offer an easy entry into a given market and are immediately competitive

  • Franchises are safer should the economy become uncertain

  • Franchisor and franchisees have a stake in mutual success; tremendous encouragement for working together towards common goals

  • Franchise purchasers, and their staff, receive comprehensive training and on-going support

  • Franchises include accounting and other proven business systems and methods

  • Franchises ensure exclusivity of territory

  • Franchise businesses owners never have to face problems or issues alone

A business such as the Nose to Tail is essentially a ‘turnkey’ operation. Set up, switch on and go places.

Working as a Nose to Tail franchisee

You own your own business. You are not a partner, employee or shareholder in the Franchisor's business. While the franchisor is not responsible for you achieving a level of profit or return on your business, you will receive all possible support, advice and mentoring. Ultimately, as a franchisee you must be diligent, committed and dedicated to growing your business.

Under the terms of the Nose to Tail Franchise Agreement, you, as the franchisee, are expected to use the business systems documented in the franchise manuals.

The Nose to Tail Franchise System ensures that each franchise owner has their own territory and is not in competition with any other franchisee. The health and prosperity of each business is for the greater good through further strengthening the Nose to Tail brand and reputation.

As more and more like-minded people purchase Nose to Tail franchises, benefits for each franchisee increase through increased marketing and advertising weight, greater brand awareness and market penetration and a bigger base for sharing knowledge, ideas and strategies.

To progress further.

Download Nose to Tail Confidentiality Agreement

Download Request for Consideration

Please click on the two PDF files to open our 'Confidentially Undertaking' and our 'Initial Enquiry Form'. We ask that you print these files, fill in details and fax to Nose to Tail at 09 973 4952 or mail to 237 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

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