Nose to Tail - a Profitable and Award Winning Business

Nose To Tail started in August 2002 and has been a synergy of the many people who have been associated with it over the years. Nose to tail was an award winner in the 2007 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards.
The team today are Kath, Gemma, Michael, Steph, Kiri, Hanna, Brooke and Britney and what we all have in common is that we love the role dogs play in peoples lives.
We offer Self Service bathing, Valet Service Bathing, Full Grooming , Hydrotherapy and the best dog shop full of delicious locally sourced treats, fun toys infact everything you could want. Come in and see us or visit our Shop online.

Odour-Challenged Black Labrador’s Necessary Bath

As mother to a large, odour-challenged Black Labrador, Kath was literally dog-tired with the hassle of giving her pooch his very necessary weekly bath.

“It was either a waterlogged bathroom or chase him round the garden with a hose. Every time I washed him I just knew there had to be a better way. Sure, I could have called in a mobile dog wash, but on a weekly basis it was an expensive option and besides, dogs have a way of finding something nasty to roll in the moment the dog washer drives away.”

“In my mind’s eye I imagined how wonderful it would be if there was something out there along the lines of a ‘canine car wash’. A place I could take the dog to at basically any time on any day.”