Orapup – New Solution for Fresh Doggie Breath

Posted September 25th, 2014 by Kath

Dental Care is getting to be a big problem for lots of dogs. This is no fun for anyone, especially if you and your dog enjoy kisses! It’s also not fun, for either of you, if you are trying to get a toothbrush into your dog’s mouth and are expecting them to comply. A lot of people ask what can be done about unpleasant dog breath. We have lots of solutions available, but would like to highlight Orapup this month, as it is new in store and we are very excited about it.

We think these guys are on to something… Orapup is a unique answer to fresh dog breath, based on the human Orabrush model but designed with dog-friendly specifications. It works by removing the plaque from their tongue through them licking the brush, covered in a flavoured solution called “Lickies”. Dogs control it themselves, effortlessly.

“Lickies are fortified with all-natural enzymes to fight bad breath, reduce plaque and tarter build-up and promote healthy oral hygiene. All in a treat they can’t resist!” – Orapup.com

The best way to understand Orapup? Check out their amusing Video Clip above.

Keep these in mind for the dog who has everything at Christmas time. A perfect present, for allowing more kisses under the mistletoe!

Watch a testimonial of Orapup below -

We have Orapup in store now for $39.90, so pop in and see us if you would like some.
Alternatively, you could give us a call at 09 448 2227 or email us at Kath@nosetotail.co.nz.

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