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Nose to Tail on Auckland's North Shore has the country's first specialist canine hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy uses water to revitalise, maintain and restore health after an injury, operation or illness.

Nil-Impact Dog Exercise

Increasingly Nose to Tail Hydrotherapy is also used as nil-impact exercise to help morbidly obese lose weight. For older dogs finding it a struggle to get around, hydrotherapy can dramatically improve the extent and quality of life.

Hydrotherapy Stimulates Blood Flow

Securely cradled in a special Nose to Tail dog harness the ‘patient’ is lowered gently into water heated to a comfortably warm temperature, just right for stimulating the flow of blood to muscles.

Once the dog is fully immersed water jets are switched on to create a current to swim against. Heat and the strength of current are adjusted to benefit the dog most.

Swimming Encourages Joint Movement and Circulation

The action of swimming encourages joint movement in virtually weightless conditions to treat arthritis, reduce stiffness, improve muscle tone, promote tendon repair, increase stamina and fitness, encourage healthy circulation and more.

Depending on current strength, a five-minute swim in the Nose To Tail hydrotherapy pool can be the equivalent to an 8km run… but with none of the jarring or risk of impact exacerbating joint pain or problems.

Water Pressure Assists Swelling Reduction

Even with the water jets switched off, the Nose to Tail pool is beneficial. Water pressure can assist swelling reduction by causing body fluid to move away from the affected area. Water pressure on the chest makes breathing more difficult so the lungs have to work harder benefiting the respiratory system.

Hydrotherapy Starts With Consultation

At the start of a Nose to Tail hydrotherapy course our Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Manager discusses the needs of your dog based either on your vet’s referral notes or your own concerns about your dog’s health and condition.

From this consultation, a course programme is developed. Where a vet has referred you to Nose to Tail, we encourage you to feedback on progress.

At the end of each session your dog can be taken to a Nose to Tail wash cubicle to be thoroughly dried to avoid chills and heat loss.

Appointments are necessary for hydrotherapy sessions.